Note For Count and Statistic APK

CoNote provides: note, expression calculations, field statistics, charts, store.

Version1.2 (6)
UpdatedMar 31, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryApps, Personalization

I had not found out a note application that provides "calculation of expressions" are stuffs in its content, so I write this app and provide you with CoNote.
* Product Description *
CoNote is a simple and awesome useful note app. It gives you a quick and simple note editing experience when you write notes. Taking notes with CoNote is easier than any other note apps. CoNote UI contains 3 tabs: 1-Notes tab list all your notes, in this tab you can search out any note with your expectation. 2-Report tabs where you can list out all field values of any notes and you can invoke charts for fields. 3-Store tabs lists your stored/received histories for your notes.
* Taking a Note *
You can type any text in your note likes notepad typing. You can enter math expressions with semicolon ; at the end or simply set value for a field. If you want to see any field-values(of any expressions) - only press calculate button. You can color/highlight out your text.
* Features *
+ Note
+ Expressions
+ Fields
+ Statistic
+ Charts for fields
+ Search on notes
+ Backup/Restores
* Online backup *
When you invoke the back up function, CoNote stores your notes into your mails. And you can use this function to share or back up your notes. Of course, you can receive notes via your mails.
* Third parties *
In this app used below third parties:
+ Javaluator (LGPL v3) http://javaluator.fathzer.com/en/home/
+ Androidplot (Apache 2.0) http://androidplot.com/
+ Richeditor-android(Apache 2.0) https://github.com/wasabeef/richeditor-android
* Permissions *
CoNote requires permissions:
+ Access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service to get out default email for store function.
+ Allows CoNote write to external storage, this is used to store notes.
* FAQ *
What is expression?
a expression is math expression:
+ example 1: myfield1 = (e^3-1)*sin(pi/4)*ln(pi^2);
+ example 2: myfield2 = 100.123
+ example 3: myfield3 = myfield1 + 3*myfield2;
+ example 4:
x = 12
y = x^2; <---- required semicolon
x = x^2 + y^2;
Should i use the Co-Note?
You can use CoNote to note for shopping, data collection, counting or any notation.

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