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A great and easy-to-use tool to help user to memorize studying notes efficiently

Version1.3 (7)
UpdatedSep 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperOpenEnds Technology Inc
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The app uses "space repetition" method (i.e., by reminding user to review notes at the optimized interval) to help user memorize notes efficiently. It tracks study progress and reminds user daily about what to review, simple and flexible.

When it comes to memorizing study notes (for example, school notes or professional exams), a thumb of rule to study is to review as often as "necessary" so you will never forget.

However, it is usually hard to remember when to review. Reviewing too often is unnecessary, while reviewing too less is inefficient, because one already forgets what was learned before and needs to start from scratch.

This app uses the well established "space repetition" algorithm to schedule and remind user about the optimized review intervals.

It is designed to be simple and flexible. Everyday it presents user the list to review today. User just needs to "swipe" away to clear the list during reviewing. User can easily check the review history for any note, or for any past dates.

Users can create their own notes, or import notes shared by others. It supports the parent/teacher mode such that they can create and assign notes to students/children. Imbedding photos or handwritings into notes is also supported as a premium feature.

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