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NotesMate: Organize your notes offline APK

Organize and manage your notes and documents offline easily.

Do you keep your important files and documents on your smartphone? If yes, then you may have a hard time finding those when you need them the most.
So here comes the solution. With this new android app, you can store and organize your important files/notes/documents in the most convenient way you can imagine. Add a category or subject and inside that subject/category, import all of your important notes and documents you want to have for that category. If you want, add more category/chapter inside one subject to properly manage your notes and documents. Don't want to create a subject for some documents? Simply add them to the uncategorized section and you're good to go. NotesMate makes it really easy to store and organize your files/notes and share them with friends directly on various social platforms.
You can use NotesMate for various purposes such as organizing your study notes, office documents, or as a photo gallery for yourself to organize different types of photos.
Download the free NotesMate app now and make your life productive!

Key features:

Add a subject/category and import notes inside that subject/category.
Add chapter/sub-category inside one subject/category.
Add notes/documents as uncategorized.
Share notes directly to anyone.
NotesMate only stores the location of the file from the device. So memory usage is almost none.
Supports Images and PDF.
All new Dark Theme is available.
Add multiple subject/category to organize your notes.
Completely free.
No registration or login required!


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1.0 (3145729) Apr 24, 2019
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Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10Apr 24, 2019
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