Nour Al-bayan teaching reading and reciting Qur'an - Alphabet - Part 2


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Aug 22, 2023
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Nour Al-bayan level 2 APP

"**Noor Al-Bayan** App is an educational application specialized in teaching Quranic reading and recitation. It employs the renowned Noor Al-Bayan method known for its effectiveness in instructing children and beginners on how to read the Quran accurately and beautifully. The app targets a diverse range of users, from young children embarking on their reading journey to individuals seeking to enhance their Quranic recitation.

The description available on the app store highlights the features of the application and its intended audience as follows:

**Noor Al-Bayan in Quranic Reading Teacher** - Level 2
The Noor Al-Bayan series of applications aims to teach reading and recitation of the Quran according to the highly effective Noor Al-Bayan method. The Noor Al-Bayan app caters to a wide spectrum of users:

- **Children:** Taught using a distinct Noorani method that facilitates seamless and effective learning of reading.
- **Individuals with Reading and Writing Difficulties:** The app contributes to addressing reading and writing difficulties among schoolchildren in the early stages, aiding in reducing academic delays.
- **Educators and Teachers:** The Noor Al-Bayan method is a preferred choice for educators and teachers due to its comprehensive explanations and selected examples.

The curriculum offered by the app includes diverse content:

**Curriculum Contents:**
1. **Level 1 and 2:** Arabic Alphabet.
2. **Level 3:** Study of Vowel Marks (Harakat).
3. **Level 4:** Study of the Three Types of Lengthening (Madd) - Alif, Waw, Yaa.
4. **Level 5:** Study of Pauses (Sukoon).
5. **Level 6:** Study of Different Types of Nunation (Tanween) - Fathah, Dammah, Kasrah.
6. **Level 7:** Emphasis with Letters, Nunation, and Solar Letters.
7. **Level 8:** Rules of Tajweed.
8. **Level 9:** Exercises on Quranic Words.
9. **Level 10:** General Reading, Quranic Script, Spelling.

Noor Al-Bayan app is distinguished by its unique and beautiful approach to teaching reading and writing. Numerous nurseries and schools across the Arab world use this app due to its comprehensive and engaging curriculum."
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