A Database of challenging words & meanings in the novel, Under The Volcano.



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Novel Words for Under the Volcano contains a database of words and meanings (plus some phrases and expressions) for this novel only.

Such challenging words and expressions fall within the following types:

• archaic
• arcane
• obsolete
• rare
• slang
• dialectical
• foreign (i.e., non-English)

Why Novel Words?

Generally, most popular fiction necessarily uses easily understood language. Literary fiction - that is, fiction which has literary merit and which broadly focuses upon the human condition - tends to use those challenging words which often cause readers to pause.

For example, here are a few of the challenging words contained in Lowry's Under the Volcano: acedia, tintinnabulation, archivolt, appoggiatura, reboant, abarrotes, baranca, cobalt, seine, hierophants, praelector, serapes, merlons, gibbered, extrampee.

But finding definitions for challenging words can be problematic, offline or online. Many are indexed in only a dozen dictionaries; some only in half that; and a few in just a couple ... or one only. And, when dictionaries fail, searching also necessitates the use of specific, annotated compendia and notes, as detailed in the app's References.

Hence, without Novel Words at your fingertips, the process of searching dictionaries would be frustrating and time consuming. Which means students, and other readers, will immediately benefit with the quickest method to access a required definition - not only to avoid delays but also to have a more enjoyable and informative reading experience.

So ... Happy reading with Novel Words for Under the Volcano!

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