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The “Nuclear energy and nuclear energy industry” publication is a modern electronic publication that by engaging interpretation together with a number of interactive elements explains the basic principles and facts of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Operation of nuclear power plants, an important component of the energy mix in developed countries, is a frequently debated topic by different social groups. Above all, it is very important to inform the general public about nuclear industry truthfully — about its benefits, technical solutions, but also the risks and implemented safety measures.

According to online survey, the “Nuclear energy and nuclear energy industry” publication is the most comprehensive multimedia electronic publication in the world, dedicated to the popularization of nuclear energy industry. Thanks to easily understandable texts, interactivity and rich collection of illustrative supplements it is certainly one of the modern educational and informational titles nowadays.

• Nuclear energy — Radioactivity, ionizing radiation, radiation sources, half-life, variables and units

• Nuclear energy industry — Types of nuclear reactions, control, moderator, absorber, coolant, the largest power plants

• Nuclear fuel — Production, enrichment, fuel cycle, interim storage, reprocessing, final repository

• Nuclear reactors — Pressurized water reactors, boiling water reactors, heavy water reactors, gas cooled reactors, high temperature reactors, fast reactors, thermonuclear synthesis

• Radioactive waste — Production of waste, types of waste, processing, waste final repository

• Safety of nuclear power plants — Nuclear safety, external effects, the INES scale, accidents, the environment

• History of the atom — Historic milestones depicted on synoptic timeline

The entire expository text (72 pages, 81,000 words) is complemented by an abundance of illustration graphic materials. The publication includes 336 photos in 60 thematic photo galleries, 45 illustrative diagrams and graphs, 31 interactive diagrams and 31 videos and 3D models. During the presentation, readers are presented various interesting facts that will help them, in a visual way, to get a complete picture of the discussed topics. Each chapter ends with a block of tests in which the readers can test their knowledge.

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