Numeracy Skills Practice for Year 2 APK

Made by teachers

Made by teachers. Just 10 minutes each day on this will help improve your child's maths/numeracy skills.

Do they need some help with time, addition, shapes and fractions?

Children learn at different rates. Some need more time for key skills to sink in.

This app for children in Primary School - Year 2, allows them to practice their numeracy (maths) key skills on a daily or weekly basis, through multiple choices.

Helpful hints are given for each question - to jog their memory and help them to learn. Answers are given at the end of each test, so that they can see which questions they got correct/incorrect and what the actual answer was.

Your child can click on 'Next Steps' to see what they need to focus on - in their learning. Teachers/parents can plan their next steps too. A coloured graph of test results lets them and you keep an eye on their progress. How are they doing compared to the average child at their age? GREEN, YELLOW and RED indicators clearly show their standardised level.

With hundreds of questions covering the New 2014 Maths Curriculum, each randomly generated test will never be the same. The 'Teacher/Parent' section of the app highlights the National Curriculum specifics that are covered in each and every test.

Support your children's learning and let them get to grips with maths/numeracy skills.

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