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Version1.0.0 (1)
UpdatedFeb 01, 2021
DeveloperWorld of Secrets
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Numerology & Biorhythm‪s app

The number of the Day, the Path, the Name. Compatibility. Biorhythms

Numerology is a method of reading and analysis that helps us discover some secrets based on the numbers of our birth and name.

Features of our free Numerology app:

★ Number of the Day (can be received daily)
★ The Path Number
★ The Number Name
★ Square Of Pythagoras
★ Daily and monthly Biorhythms

Calculator compatibility with your partner:

★ By Birthday
★ By Name
★ By Horoscope (By Zodiac Signs)
★ By The Psychomatrix of Pythagoras

Also, in the application you will find a reference book of the meaning of numbers, including angel numbers.

The first numerological systems appeared in ancient Egypt. However, the modern version of numerology is based on the discoveries of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

Pythagoras traveled for a long time to the eastern countries — Egypt, Phoenicia, Chaldea. From there, he learned the innermost knowledge of numerical series. The scientist claimed that the number 7 is an expression of divine perfection. It was Pythagoras who created the seven-note sound sequence that we still use today. He taught that the universe is the expression of numbers, and that numbers are the source of everything that exists.


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