Numerology. Find out your destiny by name APK

Numerology or the meaning of a name can tell a lot about you and your partner.

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When it comes to numerology or the meaning of a name, the name can tell a lot. Write the name in the application and find out the meaning of your name, as well as the type of person! Find out what the name of your partner or beloved boyfriend / girl holds!
This application aims to explain the audience the meaning of names, as well as the type of person. Algorithms for compiling a personality type are based on a scientific article of the popular publication Naked Science (Naked Sides), however, the application is entertaining in nature. You can find out the type of person by indicating your full name in a special tab. Find out all the secrets of your partner’s name!
The new “name” application for the most curious and interested carriers of unique names. In the appendix, the meaning of names with a unique description, collected and combined from all sources of our country.
In the app you will also find the meaning of your name by a numerical code. Numerology is a whole science that will quite accurately determine the type of personality. You do not have to guess what kind of person is standing in front of you, you can always find out who your interlocutor is even before meeting with him. After all, the name is the mirror of our soul. In the end: a complete understanding of yourself or the person with whom you will be comfortable!
Here you will find the meanings of all names that may be of interest to you. Moreover, in the application the meaning of the name you will find famous people with the same name. Find out what famous tees were in history.
Each name means something. People are convinced that the meaning of the name affects our fate, check for yourself.
This application will allow you to find out what stores the name in several criteria.
Here you can:
• Find out the meaning of the name for your child
• Find out the meaning of your name
• Find out the meaning of the name in numerology
• Learn name compatibility
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