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UpdatedNov 24, 2018 (2 years ago)
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An Iraqi singer and composer, a melody for a large number of Iraqi and Arab artists such as Yas Khadr, Basil Al Aziz, Hussam Al-Rassam, Mohammed Al Salem, Diana Haddad, Noor Al-Zain, Shams Al-Kuwaiti, Ismail Mubarak, Khalid Al-Hanin, Qasim Sultan,
The application is available on the most beautiful songs of Nusrat Al - Badr and among them

 Rayah you
 For your risk
 Who saw your eyes
 Of the second lost - with Zia al-Mayali
 From my eyes - with Mohammed Turk
 Take it today
 To the conductor Eshtaqeet - with Hossam Al Majid
 Daily Moi Day - with Hassan Al Maily
 No traffic
 Mawal Ahl al-Qasr
 Ashtrella gift
 If my heart has a suite - with the painter's commander
 I will show you the dream
 O Rytek Tiji - with Hamza al-Qaisi
 Oh World
 I still blame you
 Know your soul tenderly
 The beloved - with Seymour Jalal
 Mo of drunk drinking
  Promise me
 Hey world
 Uh yalasmar ya zain
 Love is male
 What passed through the mind

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