Nuwa is a survey App for data collection and management. Try it now for FREE.

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Version2.1.0.6 (191030)
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Nuwa is survey & data collection App developed by Tersus GNSS Inc. With Nuwa you can connect Tersus David GNSS receiver via Bluetooth or USB that turns any Android devices into RTK base, rover or GIS data collector.

This App provides various built-in survey tools. Try it now for FREE.

Key Features:
1) Assists with Bluetooth/USB connection
2) Configure base/rover setup
3) Visualized interface for receiver operations
4) Data management (import/export)

What's New

Added Molodensky Badekas datum transform model.
Added Singapore predifined coordinate system SVY21.
Added Australia predifined coordinate system GDA2020.
Optimized the Survey interface, the survey button will change automatically and the survey configuration will change according to the selection of Survey Mode(Detail or Continous).
Optimized the Survey Config interface, the HRMS limited value and VRMS limited value will change according to the Solution Limited.

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Updated: 2019-11-09 (6 days ago)

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