Nyo-Nyo Poker Solitaire APK

Solitaire based on Italian poker. Try to get the best scores you can.

Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedNov 24, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperRoberto De Lorenzo
CategoryGames, Card

Nyo-Nyo is a solitaire based on Italian poker. It is played with 32 cards, from seven to ace for each of the four suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades).

The points are those of poker: pair, double pair, three of a kind, straight, full house, flush, four of a kind and royal flush.

At the beginning of each hand, the deck is placed on the game board with the cards face down.

The cards are turned one after the other and arranged in four columns of five cards each, trying to get the best possible combination for each column.

At the beginning of each hand, the first four cards are turned over and arranged automatically. Every next card is turned over by touching it on the covered deck and dragged beneath one of the cards already placed.

When a card is turned over, the previously placed cards can no longer be moved.

The card to be placed can not be put into a column if all the cards of the upper line are not already in position (for example, It's prohibited to put the third card in a column if all the other columns not have at least two).

When all the columns have been completed, the total score is calculated by adding those obtained in each column.

Each score can be saved with Player's name. The score are saved locally on each device and, if it's possible, sent to remote server.

Before saving, the app shows the local and overall ranks of the score.

It's possible to see the 100 top scores saved on device or overall.

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