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O R L ( Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie ) APK

This is an android application that presents all otorhinolaryngology diseases

This is an android application that presents all otorhinolaryngology diseases

An otolaryngologist - head and neck surgeon is a specialist in the treatment of head and neck diseases, especially those of the ear, nose and throat. Etymologically, the name ENT is an abbreviation of a more complex word - otolaryngologist: term of Greek origin; "Oto" for ear, "rhino" for nose and "laryn" for throat.

The ENT is a doctor and surgeon and he cares both children and adults. It is the specialist of all medical conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. The ENT is specialized in the following conditions, among others: ear infections, deafness, tinnitus, vertigo and balance disorders, facial paralysis, sinusitis, nasal deformities and nasal congestion, the aesthetics of the face and neck, smell and taste, tonsillitis, language disorders, bad breath, swallowing (difficulty swallowing), insufficient or excessive salivation, head and neck cancers , head and neck masses, voice disorders, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, head and neck injuries, and the medical expertise of these conditions.

The treatments offered by the ENT are based on drugs, surgical procedures (tumor, repair or reconstructive), rehabilitation and also prosthetic or implantable devices.


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