Virtual assistant to help automate a logistic professional’s daily routine.


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Sep 28, 2019
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Engineered with the best and most user-friendly tools and features, OVIL (Our Virtual Integrated Liaison) will convert your Android phone into a virtual collaboration
platform to help you automate a logistic professional's daily routine.

Scheduling hauls, e-Forms, document scanning and real-time freight tracking is as simple and easy as swiping your phone inbox.

No need to have a pen and paper and making calls for monitoring, follow-ups, scheduling, etc. OVIL will do it all for you and is what you solely need.

OVIL is a must-have app for facility staffs, broker staffs and drivers. This app is your ally on your transactions. It comes with a map feature that allows facility staff to pinpoint GPS coordinates to direct incoming drivers to a specific location within a huge industrial complex.

Brokers can request hauling appointments and access facility's hauling schedule and availability.

- a virtual liaison to assist logistic professionals with scheduling hauls, documenting transports and real-time freight tracking
- facility staff can locate using GPS coordinates to direct drivers to exact location within a huge industrial complex or rural destination.
- real-time tracking of whereabouts of your drivers and the freight itself
- locate the specific loading or unloading area inside a huge industrial complex.
- Facility Calendar. User are able to see a facility's schedule for the month; hauling schedule or availability
- View requested hauling appointments and specific details of hauling appointments like date, time, facility info, parking situation, hours of operation, site rules
and requirements
- Allows you to request hauling appointments
- Be push notified if driver is within 2-3 miles away from the facility
- Easy reference. App provides one screen containing all details and information e.g. broker staff name, facility name, address, phone number and other details like
parking details, facility rules, nearby restaurants, transport history, etc.
* View available drivers in the dates and times of your appointments
- View active requests arranged by date starting from the current day onward
* Check on COMPLETED hauling details and transport history
- Messaging feature. Facility staff can initiate a private conversation with a driver and broker staff or vice versa about a specific hauling appointment
- Proof of delivery. Broker staff can see the e-Form the driver has sent to the facility
- Create and maintain E-Forms to be sent and filled filled out and sent by the drivers prior to hauling appointment
- Get push notifications when PODs and BLs are uploaded by drivers onsite.
- View list of network od drivers; employed or contracted by the broker
- View drivers' information, current and completed assignments and availability
- Assign hauling assignments to drivers

OVIL is built by a team of experts and professionals in the field to ensure your safe and reliable browsing experience. Let us know of your comments and feedback.

Brokers and facilities - Free for 30 days, then $19.99 per month subscription
Drivers - Always free to signup
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