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this application is a screensaver of oceans waves live wallpaper

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UpdatedMay 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
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this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of oceans waves live wallpaper
set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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waves are the forward movement of the ocean's water due to the oscillation of water particles by the frictional drag of wind over the water's surface. waves have crests (the peak of the wave) and troughs (the lowest point on the wave). coral wallpaper. the wavelength, or horizontal size of the wave, is determined by the horizontal distance between two crests or two troughs. the vertical size of the wave is determined by the vertical distance between the two. waves travel in groups called wave trains.

there are two main approaches to measuring wave height. the bascom method, developed by willard newell bascom, is widely regarded as simple, fair, and rational; yet an overestimation most of the time. one stands on the beach with eyes aligned with wave crest and the horizon. coral wallpaper. he or she then measures the wave from that point to the average sea level. californians loved it. the hawaiians saw things differently. they were known for measuring their waves from the back, effectively cutting the determined height of the waves they had ridden in half. coral wallpaper. the method used by the californians, they thought, was full of exaggerated bravado.

when big wave surfing got the attention of the media, the hawaiian wave scale conquered fans. it was really cool to underestimate the size of a wave. the hawaiian wave scale has a few disadvantages. coral wallpaper. it is difficult when measuring small waves; can't be confirmed from the beach; is based on emotional variables like courage; it does not measure the entire face in which surfers ride, and it doesn't apply to waves that are big and heavy, but lack a large backside, like teahupoo.

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