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Useful tools for your Hattrick team.

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UpdatedJul 29, 2020 (2 months ago)
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This app has been developed by the same team that made the Ocerin Guide, the most updated guide written in Spanish (currently being translated into English).
You may find very useful tools for your Hattrick team ⚽

In addition, Ocerin is an official CHPP product for the hattrick.org game, so you can download your team's data and check them whenever you want!

Available tools:
✔️ Man marker: New tool.
✔️ Prizes: Calculate prizes you will receive at the end of the season.
✔️ Keepers: Here you can check how keepers with defence perform.
✔️ Chances: Number of chances depending on your possession.
✔️ Possession: Select midfield ratings and find the percentage of possession.
✔️ Attack vs Defence: Will my attack lead to goal? Is my defence ready to stop the opponent attempts? Select attack and defence ratings and find it.
✔️ Injuries: Find out if your injured player will play next match or not.
✔️ Stadium: Adjust your stadium stands depending on your fan size and mood.
✔️ Training speed: Calculate your players training speed.
✔️ Coach tactics: Changes in your team performance depending on coach tactics: offensive, defensive or neutral.
✔️ Team spirit boost: A training intensity drop can provide a one-time boost to team spirit.
✔️ Stamina: It shows players performances depending on their stamina level.
✔️ Main skill: Spy your opponent’s players and guess main skill.
✔️ Subskill estimation: Get the sublevel of the main skill in your own player.

All this work has been possible thanks to the Federation Ocerin members.

Thanks also go to HPE-Dantekavala and HT-tools.eu for sharing the code we used on some tools.

This application is available in English and Spanish.

What's New

- Italian language added.
- Statistics on main page.
- Added summary table to player list.

Email: guiaocerin@gmail.com

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