Odds On: Also known as "What are the odds?", now available on your phone!

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Free download OddsOn Partygame 1.9.2 apk game latest version for android


This is an interactive game played in groups and can basically be compared with the well known game of “truth or dare”. OddsOn challenges players to do different exciting tasks:
“What are the odds that you … ?”

Based on the question, the chosen player selects the odds between 1 and 10, depending on how likely he/she will fulfill the task being proposed. The smaller the range, the more respect the player gains!

After the countdown (done by another player), the opponents each say a number simultaneously that is within the range of the chosen odds (if the odds are 1-7, then they chose a number between 1 and 7). If both choose the same number, the player must fulfill the challenge because….These are THE ODDS!

3…2…1…and let the fun begin!

How the game is played depends on the location, but thanks to the app’s concept you can play it almost anywhere:

Play it
at HOME, if you're sitting around bored again
at the NIGHTCLUB, if you need an extra kick
at SCHOOL, when it gets dull and dreary

The game OddsOn is a great drinking game as well. When your average pre-drinking is just not enough, the “Get Drunk” mode will help you reach the desired alcohol level.
(But remember: Always be responsible while consuming alcohol!)

Obviously, this game should not be missing at any party!

Help us by sending us your feedback, what you think of the game. We’ll read every suggestion and will constantly provide you with new features and tasks!

If you have any problems connected with this app, contact us via green.kiwi.games@gmail.com.
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What's New

*GetDrunk-Mode is free now!
*new Odds
*better tutorial
*extra kiwis for every purchased mode!

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OddsOn Partygame 1.9.2

Updated: 2018-03-13 (2 years ago)

1.9.2 (18) 2018-04-19