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Designing Odong Odong To Look More Attractive

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Peace be with you wherever you are, in all corners of Indonesia, this time I will explain how to make a mini fiberglass train (odong - odong). hopefully this method can make your authorized capital to start a business producing mini fiberglass trains.
following your preparation, where you have to prepare several tools and raw materials:
- You must have a place, it's clear, the place / location of work
- have workshop tools, such as pas pas, travo electricity (electric welding) hand grinder, and other tools, from the course, the electric welding workshop and you already understand, of course.
- You must have mallding (for example) for the front of a mini train, locomotive name, usually with a Thomas cartoon model, or with other cartoon characters, after that you have to have other mallding, for example the seating part, the roof, the edges, which means to produce 1 set of mini trains, because it is not easy to use, because it is difficult to open the printed material. after you have several mallding prints, one by one you are using fiberglass, then after they are printed in their entirety, you can unite and eventually form a funny mini train. usually mini fiberglass trains can be sold through the numbers from 25 to 35 million / units. because for mini trains, materials and capital are needed as well as neat and meticulous workmanship.
The following fiberglass materials are used:
- buteg resin
- mett
- koas
- catalys
- talk
- figments (coloring)
- mirror (MAA)
After you do frame of iron fiberglass printing and make a frame, to strengthen the position of a mini train made of fiberglass. It is expected that this mini train can hold the burden of the number of passengers who board the mini train.
after that you also have to have an air compressor, its function is to do the finishing / painting using bright colors. or interesting colors,
This painting starts with Foxi, then the base color, then the original color and color to make it look attractive and shiny, not much different from this painting like painting a car.
so how to make a mini fiberglass train, I don't explain in more detail, I can explain after you have read some of the questions from you,

Email: luxjayatinggi@gmail.com

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