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Odroid XPT2046 Touchscreen Driver

1.0 · May 01, 2020

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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 01, 2020
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Odroid XPT2046 Touchscreen Driver app

Simple app that uses the Odroid GPIO to read touches from XPT2046 screens

This app was created because there is no support for the touchscreens made for
the Raspberry Pi in Odroid's Android. I had a screen with and XPT2046 chip on it and an Odroid C1+ that I wanted to use for a car stereo project. So I found a way to communicate with the chip and set it up as an accessibility service so it can start up on its own when Android boots up. It should also work with screens that use the ADS7843 and ADS7846 chips too, maybe.

This app is made for Odroids with a GPIO only. It was made for the C1, C1+, C2, C4 maybe, and N2. The XU4 has a different pin arrangement, so it will not work without changing the source code, which you can do at:


This app is not really a driver, but a service that reads the XPT2046 chip and uses Android's command line tools to inject taps and swipes. This method is not the best, some gestures do not work. For example, you cannot drag an icon around on your home screen.

More info and the APK can be found here:

Email: pizzaman5000@swampsoft.org

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