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Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is one of the best methods using measure performance of production facilities. Having a mobile app to calculate OEE will make our works easy. OEE Calculator from KTK Tools has some interesting features described below.

Save OEE for future reference

OEE Calculator allows you to save your data for future use. By default, all data saved to your phone/tablet. You can set up a firebase account and use the firebase database to save data. If you lose/change your mobile/tab you can easily recover your data if you used firebase DB. Otherwise, you can’t recover your data if you lose/change your mobile/tab.

One app – many machines/production lines

There is a field named Machine in this app which allow you to save your data for a specific machine using its name. If you have many machines/lines monitoring OEE, you can store and reuse them separate without any hassle because of this feature

One app – many users
Once you have set up firebase DB, you can share the firebase DB link with all within your firm/factory. Then anyone in the group check the data as soon you as you update it. No any physical sharing needed.

Share OEE is using messaging, email, Viber, etc
If you prefer not to use firebase DB and still needs to share OEE data, Use the share button on the bottom. It will allow you to share OEE data (which are available on the screen) using any method your phone supports. (email, sms, Viber, etc)

How to Use OEE Calculator

Please note that all time values should be in the minutes.

Please note that total output, output per hour, reject and rework should use same measurement. (Don’t use total output in kg and rejects in liters. Both should be in kg or liter)

Select the date which data belongs

Enter the name of the Machine/Line o which data belongs.

Planned Working Time
This is the time which machine/line operates, including planned breakdown and meeting times. You can consider about meal time and tea time as your interest. If your Planned Working Time includes meal times and tea time, please add them to the Planned Down Time.

Planned Down Time
Enter any time that included in Planned Working Time but need to exclude the time calculating OEE. Preventive Maintenance, Lunch and tea time (if included in Planned Working Time) are examples.

Meeting Time
If you had any meeting enter the time taken to that here. (This time also not considering when calculating OEE)

Down Time
Enter any Down time occurred during working time.

Availability factor calculates using below formula

Availability % = (Planned Working Time – Planned Down Time – Meeting Time – Down Time) *100 / (Planned Working Time – Planned Down Time – Meeting Time)

Total Output
Enter the total output during the period. This should include Rejected Items & Reworked Items.

Output Per Hour/Minute
Enter the standard value here. You can select output per hour or Output per minute using the option buttons. Default select is output per hour. (This should not be the actual value for the day you are going to calculate OEE)

Performance factor calculates using below formula

Performance % = (Total Output / Output per Hour) * 100 / (Planned Working Time – Planned Down Time – Meeting Time – Down Time)

Enter reject quantity during the period.

Enter rework quantity during the period.

Quality factor calculates using below formula

Quality % = (Total Output – Reject – Rework)*100 / Total Output

After entering all data mentioned above press “OEE” button to calculate OEE. Then you can share it using “Share” button or save using “Save” button. You can clear the data using the “Clear” button.

Press menu button your device to see options. You can access settings screen or App help page using options. On the settings screen you can access firebase help, app help, add firebase link, send message to developer.

What's New

Fix a bug in Hour/minute selection

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