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Offline database enables management of movies, songs, dramas & documentaries

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Offline move database is a FREE app available for Android phones across the globe.

What is Offline Movie Database (OMD)?
Offline Movie Database is an app specially designed for movie lovers, enthusiasts, cinema watchers. It is an app to keep a trace of every movie which has been watched or intended to be watched or the ones which are disliked or ignored. It’s not the only stuff which can be achieved with offline movie database but also consider Hollywood movies, Indian movies, any movie created in any other part of the world. This app is not only limited to movies, but it can also keep a track of songs, dramas and documentaries.

What does offline imply to?
The database is created, stored and managed locally in the mobile phone and is not stored in any cloud; that is why it is called offline. As soon as any entry is added to any list the database is created automatically and stored in the mobile phone memory. The database grows as more entries are added to it.

Why Use Offline Movie Database (OMD)?
It is the only app of its kind which offers to store movies, songs, dramas and documentaries all in one place. This app is user friendly and can be operated within a split of a second. All the graphics are simple and self-explanatory.

• Hollywood
• Indian
• Songs
• Dramas
• Documentaries

Category Lists
• Watched Movies
• Watch List
• Ignore List

• Watched Movies
• Watch List
• Ignore List

• Like
• Unlike

• Seen
• To Be Seen
• Ignore

• Viewed
• To View
• Ignore

How to Operate?
• Select a category from tab menu
• Now select a list from bottom menu
• Click on the add button in order to add a title
• In the new user interface enter all relevant details and save it
• Congratulations you just created an entry
• You can save as many titles in a list

Does It Require Internet?
It does not require internet to operate neither it requires any login to be created.

Is Internet necessary at all?
It is necessary to purchase digital products from play store and to search movies and tv/drama serials online.

Digital Products (In-app Purchases)?
It offers a variety of digital products which can be purchased to get additional features and unlimited number of entries in various lists.

Import and Export
You can either export or import the database from the phones local memory.

It gives you the power to share any movie, song, drama or documentary via SMS and any supporting app.

It is possible to search movies and tv serials online. It is also possible to search the local database.

Additional Functionalities:
• Adding an entry into a list
• Deleting all entries
• Counting entries of a list
• Viewing the limit of lists
• Deleting an entry
• Editing an entry
• Creating an alert
• Moving an entry to another list
• View the limit of lists
• Sharing an entry
• Renaming an entry
• Viewing the details

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