Offline Waypoints APK

Imports Google Maps KML files for use with Open Street Maps for offline viewing.

Version1.7.2 (14)
UpdatedJun 26, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperRobert Soult
CategoryApps, Travel & Local

Offline Waypoints was designed from the ground up as an offline maps and way point solution. Plan your trip using the App, Google My Places, Google Earth, or any software that allows for KML or GPX exports.

After you import or create your waypoints you can easily download all of the map information you need for your journey with just a couple of buttons when you have an internet connection. This will save you money (sometimes hundreds of dollars) by avoiding roaming fees when you leave your service area. It will save you from getting lost when you are going somewhere without service at all.

There is no need to spend time selecting areas for download. There is no storage space wasted by downloading unneeded map data.

Offline Waypoints downloads the map area around the waypoints in your trip. Select how far away from each waypoint to download map data by your activity type (hiking, driving, city walking, etc) or using your own custom settings in an easy to use screen.

Here is a list of the features found in this app:

- Downloads map information as a background process so you can do other things with your device.

- Get a preview of where information will be downloaded before starting the tile download process.

- All way point information is stored offline on your device's external storage space. There is no need to be online once the map data is loaded.

- Add new way points using the coordinates on the screen cursor, or your current GPS location.

- Way points are easily edited with on screen controls.

- Set how long for the app to retain GPS lock when the App is not in use for areas where it is hard to get a lock.

- Regain storage space by selecting previously downloaded map areas to delete.

Note on Google Maps:
Due to it's license for use, Google Maps tiles can not be stored locally. This app is meant as an offline map solution. However, if there is enough support I can add a Google Map Layer that is online use only.

What's New

New in version 1.7.1

KMZ imported is now much faster.
Fixed a bug in the deletion of tiles.
A better error message if the KML/KMZ file contains waypoints with no latitude and longitude information.

Email: rjs3software@gmail.com

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