Don't caught offside or referee and linesman will blow the whistle


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Jun 23, 2016
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Offside football rules GAME

Most of soccer rules are easy to interpret, but there are one that is the most famous for its difficulty, because it depends on the situation and the actions made by each player to the assistant referee to determine if yes or no raising the flag and stopping the play. Yes, it´s the feared offside rule.

The general definition could be: it´s at offside position the player that it´s nearer to his opponents´ goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent. It´s offside when the player touches the ball and is involved in the play.

For interpreting it correctly, we must distinguish the type of move (goal kick, foul, corner kick, throw-in, pass forward, back pass, penalty ...), the field zone (own half or the attacking half) and if he participate on the game or not, because it is punishable differently, there's the difficulty. Don´t worry, you will learn playing and you'll have fun!

The game has 3 parts:

- The offside rule: basic concepts to learn
- Review the offside: choose a particular game situation and review the rule
- Is it offside?: 10 games situations where you have to predict if it´s yes or no

Available in English and Spanish

Potencialmente interesante will help football manager, soccer players, fans, referees and linesman with this exciting football game to don´t caught offside.
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