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ofiii Ofiii TV, the best way to catch up on TV dramas and watch live news, no need to log in, just click and watch. Legal and genuine TV channels, channel selection is simple and easy to operate, and Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas are updated every day, download and watch immediately.


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Oct 31, 2023
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★ofiii TV, All free APP★ Watch new animations, movies, Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, Taiwanese dramas, live news and other content online simultaneously, legal and genuine without logging in, enjoy 1080P high-definition top-notch visuals, every day The updated best entertainment companion, download now and watch immediately.

[Free legal genuine version without login 1080P high quality]
Genuinely authorized "free of charge" audio and video platform, no need to log in and save the tedious steps on the TV, download and enjoy 1080P high quality!

[The best free APP to watch channels]
TTV, China Television, China Television, Zhongtian News, World News, 24-hour live broadcast for free, financial channel, drama channel, comprehensive channel, movie channel, shopping channel, automobile channel, etc... there are hundreds of channels to choose from, There are also complete sets of popular TV series, variety shows, and travel delicacies. The marathon viewing experience will definitely keep you hooked. The interface is simple and the channel selection is quick, making it easy for the whole family to operate.

【Massive movies and TV shows all free, updated every day】
Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, movies, food, travel, variety shows, entertainment, animation, children, tens of thousands of hours of program library to watch on demand, updated every day.

※ Popular drama ※
"Camp with Love", "The South Wind Knows What I Want", "Apocalypse of Pretending", "The Story of Anle", "Under the Streaming Light", "Walking to the Wind", "Unparalleled Beauty", "Please Call Me Director", "All the Way to the Sun" " Military Advisor Alliance" "I Heard You Like Me" "Accidentally Picked Up Love" "Go Where the Wind Is" "The River in the World" "Sister-in-law" "Please Call Me Director" "Mr. He's Love Will Never Forget" "Please Be "My Family", "Fuyao", "Long Song Xing", "Chu Qiao Biography", "In the Name of Family", "Ancient Acacia", "A Rampant Female Surgeon Came to the Village", "Your Child is Not Your Child", "A Handful of Youth" 》 and other high-quality dramas from public television

※ Strong movie ※
"Holy Wars", "Doraemon/Crayon Shin-chan Movie", "Deadly Witness", "Reversal of Life", "The Man Who Toppled the White House", "Assassination of Novelists", "I'm Going to Attack with a Lunchbox Today", "Selling My Life", "Ghost Action", "Medicine Aunt", "Myth of Love", "Speed ​​Drift", "True Love", "Super Lizard King", "33: The Miracle of Rebirth", "Time and Space Interception", "Billionaire Boys Club", "Alcatraz"

※ Anime cartoon ※
"Spell Fight Season 2", "SPY "The Blade", "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", "Shaman King", "Hunter", "Crayon Shin-chan", "Chinese Ichiban", "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", "The Kid I Pushed", "Party Guy Kong Ming" 》 "Lycoris Recoil", "Black Jack TV", "One Punch Man", "Doraemon the Movie", "HELLO CARBOT", "Chiqi Cat", "YOYO Roll Call", "LEGO City" Adventure" "Super Wings" "Mini Agents"

※ variety show ※
"Genius Chong Chong", "Variety Shows Are Great", "National Star Strategy", "11 O'clock Hot Shop", "Brother Pig's First Class", "Huang Ama's Harem Life", "WTO Sisterhood", "Entertainment 100%" " "Little Star, Big Follower", "Dharma Eyes Black and White", "Taiwan Revelation"

※ Food Tourism ※
"Food Players", "James's Away Cuisine", "World's No. 1", "Taiwan's No. 1", "Taiwan's 1001 Stories", "Travel Together", "One Hundred Tastes of Taiwan", "Travel Boldly", "Sports Man" "Enter the World", "Unfinished Travel", "Discovering the Great Silk Road", "Shu Menglan Focuses on the Complete World Records"

※ A wide range of entertainment content ※
Entertainment news, exclusive interviews with movie stars, Taiwanese drama actors, singers and artists, live coverage of new film trailers, event promotions, press conferences, and award ceremonies.

[Complete Beginner’s Guide, enjoy without any burden]
● It can also be played at double speed on TV! Fast forwarding and free control
●Watch now without logging in! Enjoy the best drama-watching experience now
● Download and enjoy【Watch the whole library for free】, the massive film library is updated every week
● Enjoy 1080P high image quality upon downloading, no subscription required
● Various original video and audio themes, and a massive movie list to meet your favorites

Due to copyright licensing restrictions, viewing is limited to users in Taiwan, Penghu, Jinma and other regions.

【Contact information】
Customer service email: csr@ofiii.com
Official FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ofiiifree
Official IG: https://www.instagram.com/ofiii.all.free/
Official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ofiiiservice
Privacy Policy: https://www.ofiii.com/service/privacy
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