Oggy Super Speed Racing (The Official Game) APK

Oggy Super Speed Racing (The Official Game)


Race with your favorite oggy characters in custom car and swoop the competition.


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Feb 6, 2021

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Oggy Super Speed Racing (The Official Game) Game

Get Ready for an action packed race across exciting areas from your favorite show Oggy and the Cockroaches !! Race with your favorite Characters, Customize your vehicle and smash the competition with your handy swatter!! Zoom through the competition now!

Oggy was happily going about his day to get a snack from his fridge when he saw the pesky Cockroaches steal all his food. The Cockroaches threw it all on him and made a run for it in their cars. Help Oggy and beat them at their own race and get his revenge as they run across different maps and terrains, going through different obstacles. Collect coins along the way, which can be used to upgrade your cars and reach greater distances.

- Explore 5 Exciting worlds full of adventures: House, City, Egypt, Ice World and Jungle!
- Play as your favorite character and defeat all the others in the race!
- Use your super boost to get ahead of the competition!
- Use various kinds of boosts like Jump Boost or Speed boost to avoid obstacles!
- Color you vehicle and express your Style!!
- Smash through all your obstacles with your car and win the race!
- Use a swatter to smash all your competition!!
- Complete missions and get generous rewards!
- Collect all the cars and customize them to make the coolest combination!!
- Enjoy nice and kids friendly music and sounds!
- Controls are so simple to learn that even toddler can play this game!

Oggy Super Speed Racing respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and does not allow you share this information.
We do require a few additional Permissions to function:

These permissions are needed to cache and read ad content during the game play

These permissions are needed to show suitable ad content for targeted user for better ad experience

This is required for zapr SDK which is integrated with this app for the purposes of profiling the device on media consumption and other device data and utilizing the same to target relevant content and ads to the device ("Services") pursuant to the terms and conditions of RBL Services ("Terms of Use")
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