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The premier olympic-style weightlifting app for workout logging and PR tracking.

Version1.0 (32)
UpdatedJun 07, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperJason Feinstein
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

Set a new personal record, track your progress, and log your olympic weightlifting workouts! Finally, there's a weightlifting app for one-stop-shop workout logging and PR tracking!

★ Log your workouts:

Did your coach program "3 sets of 5 reps at 78% of your Snatch 1 Rep Max"? No problem.

How about "work up to a heavy set of 3 cleans"? Easy.

Did they tell you to do "2 sets of 2 reps with a three second pause"? Got it.

★ All the movements:

OlyLift comes pre-canned with over 30 movements, ranging from the Olympic standards of Snatch and Clean & Jerk, to more obscure partial movements like Hang Power Snatches and Jerk Drives.

Did we forget your favorite movement? Go ahead and create your own custom ones.

What about complexes/compound movements? Go for it! With the custom movement builder, you can make a compound movement like "2 x Snatch (Hang) + 2 x Squat (Overhead)" with ease.

★ Track your PRs:

Keep track of all of your PRs in one place, and reference them in your workouts where percentage-of-max is key.

What are you waiting for? Go lift!


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