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Omi is a popular card game played in South asian countries. In some regions it is known as Oombi.

- Players and Cards
There are 4 players who belong to 2 teams. Person sitting in the opposite side belongs to the same team(North, P1 and South, P3 play against East, P2 and West, P4).
Play happens clockwise and the dealing happens counter-clockwise.
A standard international 52-card pack is used, but only 32 of the cards are used for the game.
These cards rank from high to low A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7 in each suit.
The remaining 20 cards are used as tokens for scoring. One player from a team(say P1 of Team 1) keep the ten black cards (2,3,4,5 and 6 of clubs and spades) and a player from the other team(say P4 of Team2) keeps the 10 red cards (2,3,4,5 and 6 of hearts and diamonds).
These 20 cards are used as tokens and each card equals 1 point.
The other two players (P3 and P2) are in charge of collecting tokens from opponents. So the red and black token cards are never mixed: in this example black tokes are transferred from P1 to P2 and red tokens are transferred from P4 to P3.

- Dealing and Selecting Trumps
P4(who joins last for the game) will deal first, and the turn to deal passes to the right(counter-clockwise) after each hand.
The dealer randomly shuffles the 32-cards and offers the set of cards to the opponent to do a single random partition.
The dealer then deals a batch of four cards to each player in clockwise direction.

The player to the dealer's left-P1(who joins first for the game) looks at the four cards and must decide (without help from other player) and announce which suit will be trumps. The dealer then deals a second batch of four cards to each player, so each player has eight cards.

- Play
The player who announced the trump suit(P1), will play first. The other players will play in clockwise direction. Player can play any card from any suit. The suit of the first card that is played will become the trick suit. Players must follow the trick suit if they have any cards from that suit. A player who holds no cards of the trick suit can play any card including trumps.

If no trumps are played, the trick is won by the highest card of the suit. If any trumps were played the highest trump wins the trick. The winner of the trick gathers the four cards, and stack them face down in the team's winning pile of tricks. Winner of the current trick will start the next trick.

- Scoring
After the last or 8th trick, the tricks won by each team are counted.

If the team that chose the trump suit have more than 4 tricks, they win one token card from the opponents.
If the team that did not choose the trump suit have won more than 4 tricks, they win two token cards.
If any team has won all 8 tricks, they win three token cards. This is known as Kapothi or Basthe.
If the teams take 4 tricks each, no token cards will be given, but an extra token card will be given to the winner of the next round.
The winner of the game will be the first team that will win 10 or more token cards.

- Acknowledgement
The Omi game represented by this app may have slight differences between the actual game played in different parts of the world.

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