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ONA ˚⁠⁠ Contraction Timer for Labour app

The hypnobirthing relaxation and surge tracking tool for pregnancy and labour

Listen to relaxations and soothing music, and monitor the progress of your labour with clear contraction insights. Let ONA® guide your breathing during each surge (or contraction as we call it in hypnobirthing) as you watch a relaxing wave visualisation. Record each surge as it happens, and let ONA® give you the information you need to decide when to go to hospital or call your midwife.

TRACK THE PROGRESS OF YOUR LABOUR: Record your contractions and monitor the progression of your labour simply by tapping the button on the homescreen. Watch the calming wave visualisation to stay relaxed as your surge develops.

Each recorded surge is stored and visualised in three different formats, so you can choose the one that you find the most intuitive:

Tracker: See the information for each surge sequentially as you record them. Here you can see the time the surge started, the duration of the surge, and the gap between each surge.

Bar chart: This is a more visual way to see the progression of your labour, with one bar showing the duration of each surge, and one bar showing the gap of time passed since the previous surge.

Graph: This allows you to see your progression clearly over time and is designed to help you decide when to go to the hospital or call a midwife. The graph performs a rolling calculation of the total duration of your last 3 surges.

After birth, you can also keep a record of your surge data by sending it to yourself via email.

You can log-in to your profile from multiple devices, meaning birth partners can use your account details to easily track and visualise the progression of your labour.


Listen to hypnobirthing relaxations and positive affirmations during pregnancy to gain confidence and lose any fears you might have about giving birth. Listening to relaxations will also help you to sleep better during your pregnancy. If listening to them without headphones, your baby will also get familiar with them and associate them with Mum being relaxed.

When you are in labour, the relaxations will help you remain calm. The more you practise during pregnancy, the more familiar you will be with them and the easier you’ll find it to stay relaxed during labour. The affirmations will help you feel more confident about the process of giving birth. After giving birth, listen to the relaxations to help you feel relaxed and to sleep well.

You can personalise your hypnobirthing relaxations by selecting the tracks you want to listen to and the order they play in.

If you enjoy the hypnobirthing relaxations, you can purchase the myBabymyBirth® hypnobirthing course to help you experience a calm and positive birth.


ONA® will guide you to use a controlled breathing technique during your surges that will help you stay calm and relaxed during labour, as well as throughout your pregnancy. It will guide you to inhale the precious oxygen that your muscles and baby need during labour. The more you practice this technique, the easier it will be to do it naturally during your labour.

ONA® gives you the option to choose the audio during a surge, including counting to guide your breathing and hypnobirthing relaxations.


Prepare your hospital bag in advance with helpful checklists for mum, partner, and baby.


The app is available in English and Spanish, with audio options also including Catalan.

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