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Version41 (118)
UpdatedAug 22, 2021
DeveloperPomelo Games
CategoryGames, Action

Once Upon a Tower - Roguelike Adventure game

Escape from the tower in this indie free offline adventure!

Play this free medieval princess adventure casual game!

Once Upon a Tower is a medieval action free offline roguelike game perfect for everyone who is ready to live an epic quest indie adventure. Get into action, beat the dragon and escape the castle! Get ready to plan an epic escape and take your princess to freedom with the help of your sharp skills and a set of epic features on a roguelike quest. This offline indie adventure has it all; the perfect princess, a fun quest, a knight, a powerful enemy, a dragon, a medieval castle and much more!

Now, imagine you are the princess and someone robbed you of your freedom in a high tower of an old castle guarded by a dragon. Would you wait for a strong knight to come and free you? Not in this offline roguelike medieval adventure!

Grab the knight’s hammer, and get yourself to the bottom of the castle’s tower and escape on this action adventure quest!

Forget about your enemy! Make your way to the bottom of the tower in this downward action offline free indie game with a roguelike twist, where each princess is strong enough to make it on its own, without the help of any knight.

This epic offline quest adventure begins, Once Upon a Tower…

What is in it for you in this indie free action medieval escape game?

- A Strong and evil enemy and its minions that get harder and nastier as you descend. Be extra careful of the dragon! You can do it, you can escape!
- A medieval roguelike structure means every adventure is different, and if you fail you have to start over again from the top of the castle.
- The perfect strong princess for you to choose.
- Different power-ups to make your princess stronger in each level and escape from your evil enemy, once and for all!
- Tons of action!

Now, bend the rules of fairy tales and earn your own freedom without help from anybody else in this epic offline free indie game!


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