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Nov 16, 2022
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ONE(ワン) レシート買取&お買い物でお金がもらえるアプリ APP

"ONE" is an app that allows you to shop and get money!
Let's enjoy and save money with "ONE Receipt", a service that turns receipts into money, and "ONE Mall", a service where you can get money just by shopping from ONE!

■ Receipt purchase "ONE receipt" is recommended for such people
・ I want you to buy a receipt
・ I want to make effective use of the receipts I collect in my daily shopping
・ I want to make money by taking a receipt
・ I want to make money by buying receipts in my spare time
・ I want to convert not only receipts but also statements into money
・ I'm interested in Poi-Katsu apps and apps that collect points.
・ I want to earn pocket money by purchasing receipts
・ I want to exchange the accumulated receipts for money
・ I like to collect poi activities and points
・ I have already used the Poi-Katsu app and want to use other advantageous apps.
・ I want to save money by purchasing receipts and withdraw with cash

■ "ONE Mall" where you can get money by shopping is recommended for such people
・ I want to enjoy online shopping at a great price
・ For example, I want to book a hotel at a good price and use the money I receive for meals to enjoy my trip more luxuriously.
・ I want to enjoy cosmetics, manga, and fashion that I haven't bought online until now.
・ I'm interested in getting up to 12% of money just by shopping
・ I want to collect the best points of various shops at once.
・ I want to experience shopping where I can get money
・ In addition to purchasing receipts, I would like to use a service that allows me to receive money.
・ I have already used ONE to purchase receipts.
・ I want to shop for cash back

■ How to save money with the receipt purchase & shopping app "ONE"
・ Take images such as receipts
·Answer a questionnaire
・ Shop from ONE
Currently, receipt images are being purchased for 1 to 400 yen, and questionnaires are being purchased for 1 to 100 yen!
You can get up to 12% of your shopping amount!

■ If you collect money with the receipt purchase & shopping app "ONE"
・ Exchange for tickets that can be used at convenience stores, etc.
・ Redeem points that can be used for other services
・ Withdrawal to bank account

■ Receipt purchase & shopping application "ONE" usage scene
・ Shoot the receipt you received on the spot
・ Enjoy shopping via ONE
・ Take a receipt of a specific product and participate in a purchase mission
・ Shoot shampoo bottles and hair dryers
・ Shoot insurance policy
・ Shoot branded bags and watches
・ Take a picture of electricity and mobile phone bills

■ Banks that can withdraw
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank / Japan Post Bank / Resona Bank / Bank of Yokohama / Saitama Resona Bank / Shinsei Bank / Jibun Bank / Seven Bank / Sony Bank / Rakuten Bank
In addition, it corresponds to almost all private financial institutions in Japan
Withdrawal fee 280 yen / time

■ Receipt purchase & shopping app "ONE" official Twitter @ONEbyWED

■ Inquiries If you have any questions, problems, or requests, please feel free to contact support@wed.company.
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