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Onet Classic Fruit 2019 is the best future onet game that has the same level as Pikachu on PC and over 300 new levels. In this version we also support the instructions. The Classic Onet The 2019 fruit is a funny game with nice graphics and easy game flow. Tired of the same old Onet Connect game? Try the free Onet game! This funny animal matching game is sure to bring you the most surprising match and link experience!
Have fun with the Fruit Classic Onet 2019. The Fruit Classic Onet 2019 is a simple game genre that is easy to play for all ages and Pikachu Onet is the first animal game suitable for PC now available on Mobile devices, It's great, it's the best version of Pikachu and the fruits of your favorite PC.
The Classic Fruit Onet 2019 game is very simple: you just need to connect every few pieces in the same type by connecting it to one. with the simplicity of this classic onet game becoming very addictive and not boring. you will be very entertained and enjoy this classic 2019 fruit onet game wherever you are enjoying your relaxed atmosphere.
The Fruit Classic Onet of 2019 has been revived on Android devices with great interest and absolutely free.
Hope you enjoy this Classic Fruit Onet 2019 Game
Classic: Paring up 2 the same cute icons, remove all the onet animals to clean the board in a limited time.
Extreme: A combination of different game modes, new challenges for connecting animals, the same fun with classic fruit links matching 3 games.

# 3 Game Mode: Hard, Classic, Hard 2
1. Casual mode: Play without a timer and clear all the levels at your own pace.
2. Survival Mode: Test your endurance and brain strategy to achieve high scores in unlimited levels.
3. Challenge Mode: This mode challenges you with timers and limited random points.

- 3 Package of icons: Animals, Cute Monsters, Fresh Fruits,
- Save and Resume Game

Simple yet addictive puzzle-solving game or game that matches the fresh Classical Onet gameplay gameplay. Suitable for all ages, easy to play, challenging to master, best for time killer! This is not an easy kids game, you have to finish the best Onet Deluxe puzzle for a limited time.
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