Want to know exactly when your bus will arrive, See it moving live on map?

Version5.0 (5)
UpdatedSep 30, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperSmartlogic ltd
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Features (locations available) : Port-Louis, Creve Coeur, Camp La Boue, Eau Bouille, Les Marrianes, Nouvelle Decouverte, Ripailles, Montagne Longue, Kitchin, Bois Pignolet, Terre Rouge, St Croix & Abercombie, Pamplemousses, Riche Terre/Jumbo and SSRN hospital

Features Routes: 19 Port-Louis, 19A Port-Louis (via Kitchin), 19 Creve Coeur, 19A Creve Coeur
89 Port-Louis, 89 Camp La Boue
89A Ripailles, 89A Port-Louis, 89A Les Marrianes
96 Jumbo
175 SSRN Hospital

So you are traveling by bus from any of the above locations. What do you do normally?

1. "Hurry Up from home or work"
2. "Get to the Bus Stop and then scout for a bus"
3. "No Bus yet! Look at your watch! and here we go again scout for the bus"
Waiting for how much time? can't say...

So how's this going to change with Ontime MBT

1. Simply download the Ontime MBT app.
2. Open it and select your location and bus stop.
3. Select where you want to go.
That's all

"Instantly it will show you in how much time your bus will reach your stop" - Ontime LIVE
"Also want to see the bus on map, well you can see it moving live on a Map of Mauritius and see it approaching you"

"You now have the power to leave for the bus stop when you want; not too early nor too late, simply be there "ONTIME".

But is Ontime MBT Accurate?
Ontime Buses™ is a group of products developed by Smartlogic ltd (Mauritius).
Ontime MBT is the first major launch of this group of product and is for bus lines 19, 19A, 89, 89A, 96 and 175.

Ontime Buses is also an award winning project and was awarded as the Startupper of the Year 2016-2017 by Total.

It is the result of more than three years of research work, using accurate location sensing methodologies including GPS to predict transit times and arrival times of buses.
It is NOT a simple time table prediction. It really gives you details on the real-time movement of the bus and when it will reach you.

Timings are reported (from testings under normal conditions) to have an accuracy exceeding 90% (very reliable)

"Traffic jam, late departure, weather hurdles your bus will now reach you ontime."
No more trust your own watch, trust only the Ontime!!

ALSO: Watch for it. Ontime Buses will be soon available for more routes.
Also, have you already used Ontime Buses apps, please rate and comment to help us make them better.

Email: akshay@harbilass.com

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