OpenStud is an opensource client for Sapienza University's InfoStud

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OpenStud is a native, opensource and unofficial client for InfoStud.
The app implements all the features for managing your student account and provides a appealing UI.

In particular, it allows:
- Manage your profile.
- See the results of the exams passed.
- Manage exam reservations.
- Download and view the reservation receipts.
- View statistics and "forecast" the trend by entering the future results of your exams manually.
- See the taxes generated but still unpaid and those paid.
- Find a classroom and provide some info like the lesson that is taking place in it, the position or the timetable.
- See a calendar with date of exams and lessons all in one place.
- Compile OPIS survey to express the student's opinion on the courses.
- See the most recent news from the university and the events that will take place.

OpenStud also provides a set of widget for your home screen to easily check some meaningful information.

All personal data that pass through the application remain confidential and are not sent to any server other than InfoStud's one.

Do not hesitate to send feedback on the application or ask me questions. I will answer you as soon as possible!

What's New

* Improved reliability of the events data
* Biometric features are now the same across all the supported version of Android.
* Improved error handling

Latest Version

OpenStud for InfoStud 1.28.11

Updated: 2019-11-17 (3 days ago)

1.27.1 (173) 2019-10-21
1.12.0 (74) 2019-01-23