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Collection of the most popular optical illusions.

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We are accustomed to perceive the world around us as a given, so do not notice how our brains deceive us. The illusions or visual effects based on the imperfection of our vision binoculars, about the judgment, the stereotypes, focus and other distortions of perception of the world. There are many such examples, but we have tried to collect for you the most interesting and incredible visual illusion of them. In each category the application the ilusiones opticas you can find a lot of examples of magic illusion and hypno games with description how to hypnotize someone.

Illusion - inverted images - the most numerous and cheerful hypnotizer of illusions games. This optical illusions are based on changing the direction of the object view. The simplest distortion effect is achieved by rotating the image 180 or 90 degrees.

Pictures of optical hallucination is based on combining two or three or more entities into one. Most often, hallucination games are directed perpendicular to each other. Due to this, creating an optical riddles of endless space and you get dizzy. For example, if different realities are combined by ladders, then for people living in this world, but in different planes of reality, the same ladder will be directed either up or down.

Optic mind illusions of deception is based on combinations of colors, brightness of objects and their repetition. All these illusions that make you see weird stuff. Tricks mislead our vision, therefore, the mechanism of perception incorrect, and the brain is tripping interprets the image correctly. The still image appears to be moving optical illusions. Optical illusion amplifies at slopes, rotations, approach, removal of the head from the image.

This animated illusion is called impossibilism. Each of these figures seems quite real on paper, but simply can not exist in the physical world.

Alas, the human eye is imperfect, this creates a very interesting illusion art. For example, color illusion depend significantly on the background, so the same colors on different backgrounds are perceived by eye hypnotist as different, even if they are next to each other.

3d illusion - separate section of the castle of illusion. But no matter how high-quality hypnotize and 3d vision were not, three-dimensional only in part. Looking at this illusion magic, it is impossible to determine the exact distance to the object, if it is not evaluated by circumstantial evidence.

All of these optical illusions, with pictures and descriptions you'll find in our app. More than 50 illusions for kids are already waiting for you to mislead you in the real hypnosis games. Feel for yourself, the illusion hallucinating when round shape becomes spiral, and the large images are converted into small. How does hipnosis work, can people be real hypnotized and how to hypnotize people? How does the psyche and perception work and do they catlateral damage? Does a static image really move or even change its color? The answer you will find inside this hypnotize game and hypnotize app. Click Download!

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