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How to Make 3D Origami

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Origami 3D

How to Make 3D Origami - You already know what is origami? Origami is the art of paper folding. Now I will discuss how to make origami 3D shaped Keroppi. Hopefully this info can inspire everyone to be creative.

Materials and equipment

- Colorful paperboard (in accordance with the color of the created shapes)
- Ruler
- Cutter
- Scissor
- Glue
- Pencil to mark the size

Steps to create:

1. Cut colored carton with size 9cm x 6cm using cutter. With this size 1 sheet of cardboard can be 40 pieces of cardboard. Can be cut with the size of your taste.

2. Fold the piece of cardboard into a triangular shape that has 2 holes underneath. The front of the triangle is a snout and the back is vertical. This hole is inserted into the other end of the triangle to be connected.

3. This triangle can amount to tens, hundreds or even thousands depending on the form origami made. Must be patient to make it

4. Connect the triangle of this triangle to form a circle as a base. Hollow circle in the middle. Connected by plugging a hole with the other end of the triangle.

5. Keep connecting the triangle triangle to 6 lines up. Use a white triangle as shown. This is up to the neck, the triangle is connected in a reversed way (snout toward back). Then above it is connected again in the usual way (snout in front).

6. Continue to connect the triangle to form a head. Use a pink triangle for her cheeks.

7. Make hands, feet, eyes and mouths with colored cardboard pieces.

8. Stick your eyes and mouth, tuck your hands and feet on the right side left. If less stick with glue. 3D origami is done. Is not it similar to Keroppi?

To see examples of 3D Origami works you can get from this Application, please Download and Install Through your Android Smartphone for free. Inside this Application is available hundred Ideami Origami 3D that you can choose and apply at home. Do not forget to star rating on this app huh?

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