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Nov 10, 2015
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Origami as Puzzle for Kids APP

Origami is the art of folding paper figures, which originated in ancient Japan. and today has many admirers around the world.

This application "Origami as Puzzle for children" will help the children (and their parents ) to learn how to make various origami : paper toys, models and decoration. You will learn to make model airplanes, classic figurines of animals and birds, flowers and unique gifts for the holidays. This app contains detailed step by step instructions of making such paper figures.

Attentions! «Origami puzzle for kids» is the educational game and we have focused on the development of your observation, the ability to compare and look for a proper solution through inferences and practical tests. Therefore, our instructions are unusual: These instructions are a series of successive images that show step by step conversion of the starting sheet of paper in the finished model. Only pictures and no explanation. And the boys will have to guess exactly how to fold the paper to perform each step instructions.
Every step is a small puzzle and if the first lessons they are quite simple, in any subsequent lessons, you will meet the real difficulty. That's why we called the app "Origami puzzles".
► Why Origami?
Origami charm in its simplicity and versatility.
It is the art that combines a flight of the imagination and design ideas, handicraft and creativity on strict mathematical laws, deep philosophy and children's entertainment.
Children immediately notice that origami like magic or focus. Indeed, a simple sheet of paper can be transformed into a thousand different shapes by using very simple techniques of folding, by means only their own hands and imagination.
All children love to make figures from paper. These hand-made paper figures can become new toys for your child, and the characters of his stories, even his own theater actors. They can be a wonderful decoration for your home or an important part of preparing for the holidays, as well as an original gift of your child to their loved ones,
What can give origami classes for your children?
Origami for Kids is a great way to develop associative, logical and spatial thinking, stimulate creativity and imagination, develop fine motor fingers of both hands (and hence both hemispheres of the brain) and general manual skill.
Folding paper figures, children develop important skills such as perseverance and concentration, the habit of accuracy and precision, thoroughness in the performance of work. After Paper Toys require hard work of its creator, and that figure would add up, the child will have to try. This teaches the child to concentrate on the actual problem, persevere and exert a lot of effort that would succeed.
Give your child a new exciting activity and fun creativity, joyful emotions from awareness of their own capabilities and the results of their labor.
• New update coming soon: new themes and lessons. FREE!
• A lot of origami models for kids: animals, toys, flying and moving models
• More than 60 lessons with simple step by step instructions!
• Easy to use - just follow the step by step instructions
• Kids can fold all papers toys on their own
• Our learning games are both educational and fun
We will be very grateful for any assessment of our app and all your comments on its implementation. Write to us what would you like to see in future updates of our application!
Good luck and success!
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