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Ornamental fish is a fish species both freshwater habitats in the air and at sea are kept not for consumption but to beautify the garden / living room. Underwater panorama is often rated enchant so many people are willing to spend much to dive and enjoy it. Now, technological advances allow people to enjoy the panoramic sea water indoor ornamental fish presence in the house of modern society can be an alternative entertainment in the middle of a solid routine. This ornamental fishes kept for pleasure, therefore, shapes, colors, sizes, harmony, and his habit of really must be considered. Nearly 75% of the supply of fresh water ornamental fish in the world comes from Indonesia, and at least 363 types of freshwater fish from Indonesia have been exported to many countries in the world.
Freshwater fish

The fish is a freshwater fish species in freshwater habitat. Maintenance usually freshwater fish in the aquarium or in the pool depends on the purpose of maintenance. The fish are kept for pleasure, usually placed in the aquarium while the fish are maintained with the aim to benefit from the cultivation is usually placed in the pool. Types of fish that are kept for pleasure usually depends on taste owners, but the fish kept for business usually depends on the tastes of the market and prices. One of the natural feed for freshwater fish are still small is rotifers, the organism that easily found in the brackish waters, freshwater, and marine under normal circumstances partogenesis breed or lay eggs without mating.

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