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UpdatedApr 24, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperGH Production
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Oromo Music app will provide user with vast variety of music from 80's and beyond and many of the best Collections. We created Oromo Music app to be the best Oromo Music provider in terms of Quality,variety and accessibility.We put together a playlist for every single artist that can give you longer playing time to make sure you don't waste your time finding every single Oromo Music. The Oromo Music app has those old time unique Oromo Music playlist which you can not find somewhere else.

In addition to that you can find videos and articles that interests you. The lay out of the app is smooth and good looking. You can listen to Music hassle free while surfing web or do anything, your Music will play in background. Just play one of the playlist and put your phone next to you, your music will play for hours until you don't want it anymore.

Aapiin kun Sirboota babbareedoo Artistoota Oromoo jaallatamoon sirbaman hedduu isaanii walitti qabuun akka namaaf mijaahutti tolchinee isiniif dhiheessineerra.Sirboonni kunneen dhuunfaa dhuunfaadhaan sirboota addatti wellistootaaf qopheessine. Sirbootni kunneen sa'atii dheeraa akka tapatanitti tolchine kanaafuu filattanii itti lakkisuudhuma.

Oromo Music app:-
-Has hundreds of musics
-Well creates playlist by artist
-You Can play in backgrounds
-You Can play even when your phone sleeps
-You can play next playlist after finishing one
-You can watch nice video Musics

Oromo Music:-
-Sirboota gara kumatti dhihaatu qaba.
-Playlistii dheeraa walitti aansee ofii taphata.
-Duduubatti yeroo waan biraa fayyadamtuu taphata.
-Yeroo bilbilli kee dhaame dhukkanaa'etti nii taphata.

Email: gsabakiyyaa@gmail.com

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