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OSMfocus APK

OSMfocus is an application for OpenStreetMap maintenance.

Version0.1.1rc1 (3)
UpdatedOct 08, 2014 (7 years ago)
CategoryApps, Tools

OSMfocus can show details of nearby objects from the OpenStreetMap database such that they can be compared with real world observations. Correcting errors or adding missing information to OpenStreetMap and thus getting it 'into focus' is the main purpose of OSMfocus. OSMfocus is not a map, navigation tool or OpenStreetMap editor.

Discrepancies between the real-world and OpenStreetMap are best observed on-site while memorizing details for later comparison with OpenStreetMap is usually difficult and with a good likelihood of missing the actual differences.

OSMfocus shows key-value pairs as = and abbreviate two pairs that occur quite often, namely highway= and name= which are shown as :. Way objects which has just a single key-value pair of type 'building=*' are ignored when searching for nearby objects. To make better utilization of screen space, the following keys are not shown: 'kms:*', 'osak:*', 'created_by', 'addr:country', 'addr:postcode' and 'source'.

OSMfocus use location services and network access permissions for downloading vector map data and background map tiles for your current location.

OSMfocus use data from OpenStreetMap ( This data and screenshots containing maps are (C) Copyright OpenSteetMap contributors.

Want to become a beta-tester and participate in OSMfocus improvements? Join Google group OSMfocus:

and sign up for beta versions here:

What's New

- Limitations on legend box size implemented. Legend boxes no longer can fill the entire screen. Long lines are wrapped as indicated by a curved arrow and excess lines are indicated by an arrow 'going below a line'.

- Use of most recent location instead of waiting for GPS fix. This will make it possible to use OSMfocus while waiting for the GPS.

- Improved internal vector rendering, especially related to multi-polygon rendering.


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