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Battery saver is an android battery optimizer and memory booster, which can be used to track your phone's battery status, and optimize it, using various battery saving modes, and also boost your phone memory, by clearing the junk data.

The battery saver app consists of four options - Battery saver, Memory boost, Junk files cleaner and App manager.

Use the battery saver option of this battery booster, to save the battery life, with various battery optimization modes.

Use the memory boost option, to clear the junk RAM cache memory data.

Use the junk files cleaner option, to clear all the junk files in apps, to save the phone memory space.

Use the app manager, to uninstall the unwanted user apps.

Get notifications on junk files in your phone memory, battery draining apps and the battery status, using this phone junk file cleaner for android and Battery power saver app, or battery life saver and battery booster app.

Clear the junk files and unwanted apps, and create sufficient space, for your favourite music, videos and photos, using this android battery saver and battery booster for android, or battery optimizer for android free and best battery optimizer app.

Eliminate the unwanted RAM cache memory data and improve the phone speed, using this RAM booster app and mobile battery booster. Save the battery power of your phone, to increase the battery backup time, using this battery booster app, which is one of the best battery apps. Get this memory booster ram optimizer or battery optimizer and cleaner, for free.

Want to save your phone's battery life? Thinking of boosting your phone's memory? Then battery saver is the ultimate memory booster and battery saver app to do so.

Key Features

1. Battery Saver
These are battery saver features,

a) Battery Info
Battery information like charge, time remaining, voltage etc
are shown, in this battery saver real app and junk files remover.

b) Draining apps optimisation
Optimise your phone's battery for the draining apps, using this best battery saver for
android or memory clean app.

c) Battery optimization modes

Short mode
To achieve high performance, use the short mode of this battery saver original app and
battery saver high quality app, or junk cleaner app and memory booster.

Long mode
Save your phone's battery life with the long mode, of this phone cleaner booster.

Customised mode
Customise your phone's settings like screen brightness, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, etc. as per
your needs, using this mode of the best memory cleaner or junk file remover.

d) Battery consumption
Get the details of the battery consumed by each app, using this battery saver best app
and battery saver software, or mobile booster and ram cleaner.

e) Smart option
Use the Smart option, to change the battery mode at a specific time in a day, and switch modes depending on the battery level, using this boost cleaner and battery saver mode app, or battery saver ultimate app and battery saver top app.

2. Memory booster
Clear the junk cache data and boost the ram memory, using this ram booster and cleaner, or battery saver and cooler.

3. Junk files cleaner
Clear the junk files in the apps, to optimize the memory space, using this battery saver cleaner and cooler, or new battery saver hd version and best battery saver ever.

4. App manager
Unwanted user apps can be uninstalled, using this memory booster and cleaner, or top battery saver and memory booster app.

5. Notifications
Get notifications regarding junk files and battery status, using this ram cleaner app and best battery saver app, or battery booster app and mobile memory cleaner app.

Battery saver is the best battery app and battery power saver, or battery booster and saver for android. Download this top battery saver booster and battery saver cooler, or high quality battery saver and battery saver new 2017, for free. Get this battery saver download or battery saver app download on android.

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