Memory puzzles, a story and a sarcastic robot friend... what else do you need?



Version1.03 (20)
UpdatedFeb 21, 2020 (6 days ago)
Size33 MB
Installs 50+
DeveloperGray Light Games


Journey into the world of the Megawatt family, an electrically themed group of energy beings. After leaving Zap behind to search out new sources of power, an energy disaster strands the other Megawatts in the now deactivated Grid. With the help of a sarcastic robot, Zap must re-power the Grid and rescue his family.

Send a probe to reveal a valid path through each level. Repeat this path with few mistakes and be rewarded. As you progress, you will face new and interesting challenges including multiple paths on the same level, teleportation, disappearing grids, draining energy and more!

- Unlimited playtime and lives. Outage is a game where failure is not to be feared! Play at your own pace, gradually learn each level and succeed.

- Improve your memory. Get as far as you can, retry the level and watch as your memory improves. You will surprise yourself and realize what an amazing device your brain is!

- 12 different areas each with their own featured game mechanic. As you master each mechanic, the game evolves and forces you to reorient.

- 360 levels with varying difficulties keep you entertained and challenged for hours.

- Levels are batched so you can choose easy, medium, or hard levels without getting stuck. Challenge yourself or relax, your choice.

- Engage with a charming, informative story filled with humor and 8 different characters in a unique and original universe. Or skip the story and just play through the puzzles, it’s up to you.

- Plenty of achievements to feed the completionist spirit that dwells inside you.

- Informative and interactive tutorial system teaches you how to play, or reference the quick Help section.

- Support the developers by purchasing powerups, gear and items to help you excel in the game.

- Planned updates with more content and features are underway!

We are always looking to improve, please contact us with any feedback or just to say hello.

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What's New

- Corrected game freeze in first cutscene... introduced in V1.02
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