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NameOver Hazed APK
Version1.0.0 (70)
UpdatedOct 29, 2021
DeveloperHour Games
CategoryGames, Strategy

Updated - What's New

Explore the haze and defeat enemies wisely!
Brand new content is now available:
1. Added the new event Top-Notch Lord.
2. Added the event hospital to the Conqueror Wars.
3. Reworked the combo skill Energy Shield.
4. Improved the display of battle reports.
5. Fortress buffs in battle reports are no longer displayed when players remain anonymous.
6. The number of alliance expeditions created per day has been updated to 4 and the number of rewards available per day has been updated to 10.

Over Hazed Game

Explore the haze and expand! Hide under the haze and attack wisely!

Ringing... “You don't need to know who I am, just take a good look at how this ugly world looks now. Then perhaps you should thank me for kidnapping your daughter at this moment"
As soon as I picked up the phone, I witnessed a mushroom cloud rising in the distance, leaving the civilized world a wasteland in an instant.
A year later, I found my daughter's necklace by chance in the bandit camp, which gave the long-depressed me a reason to survive in this wasteland.
Along with the help of other survivors, we set up a military shelter. I was eager and desperate to work out who was behind it and save my daughter. However, when I actually found her, I came to realize that things were nowhere near as simple as I thought...

Over Hazed is a massively global multiplayer online strategy game that introduces distinctive RPG elements to the traditional sandbox strategy game. Playing the role of a helpless father who lost his daughter in this wasteland, you will need to recruit various unique survivors and lead them to defend against terrorist groups, bandits, and mutant creatures, and invade the base of the culprit to save your daughter.

However, a greater challenge has loomed. The knock-on effects of the nuclear explosion have swept the globe, with a highly concentrated gas carrying radioactive material shrouding the atmosphere - the Haze. With a limited view, exploring and accessing resources in the Haze is dangerous and mysterious. But the Haze also offers you a safe haven where enemies can't spot your location without a view. Also, you can send out camping vehicles and build watchtowers to expand your field of vision. In short, the view is the key to winning battles.

Now, the shelter calls for your leadership and construction. As the population grows, you'll need to build more facilities. In addition, with new challenges and dangers coming your way, you'll have to train your army, upgrade your technology, and continue to boost your strength. The elite wasteland survivors are ready to join you in taking on challenges and defeating enemies with their battle-hardened experience and unique skills.
At the same time, you can not only unite with global players to form a powerful alliance to fight the enemy together, but also leverage your strong leadership and strategy to conquer everything and become the King of this wasteland!

[Game Features]
-No VIP: NO PAY TO WIN. Survive in the wasteland and you're a VIP!
-Haze System: A mysterious and dangerous system that contributes to diversified gameplay and makes the decision-making of players more challenging.
-Camping Vehicles: Much like Howl's Moving Castle and Scout Regiment in Attack On Titan, it is movable and capable of scouting. It features the fast-paced Roguelike gameplay.
-Ruin Gathering: Explore Ruins in the Haze and collect various items to transform or upgrade your camping vehicles.
-Immersive Plot: A story of rescue and betrayal and of paternal love and friendship.
-Free Training: Define skills and equipment for heroes of different personalities to build your best elite team.
-All-round Army: Train a multi-units army and make flexible use of troop standings and counter stats to win smartly.
-Cooperation and Confrontation: You can either join foreign alliances to support each other or rally your compatriots to fight in unison.
-Fortress Occupation: Occupy important Fortresses from the terrorists before the enemy does and grow the alliance.
-Exquisite Graphics: High-precision modeling of characters, scenes, and buildings delivers a realistic view of the wasteland.

It's important for us to have your suggestions and we are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please contact us via:
Email: overhazed@hourgames.com
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