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Paleo diet recipes Gives a full breakdown of the foods to eat it all dieting

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Paleo diet is World's No. 1 diet plan which helps you to lose weight. This amazing Paleo Diet Plan App will help you with the process. Paleo diet is sometimes also referred to as: "Caveman diet", "Stone age diet" or the "hunter - gatherer diet".

This Paleo Diet App gives a complete breakdown of the foods to eat on all the dieting days for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacking. For easy reference, we have also broken the App down into 4 parts based on your comfort levels - Beginners, Simple, Delicious & Ultra Easy Paleo diets.

Why Paleo DIET works?
Diet plan is based on commonly available food - cultivated plants and animal meat
High protein & fiber intake: Contains high amount os proteins & fibers with a less quantities of fat
Gives you results in just 10 days
Doesn't starve you to death - the goal is to eat frequently without feeling hungry
Doesn't require a lot of preparation - you will be eating regular foods like fruits, vegetables & meat.
No complications - very simple set of instructions to follow

Paleo Diet Objectives & Philosophy:
Achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy BMI ratio
Simple Healthy diet that our ancestors preferred
Prevent problems like hypertension & arthritis

What does the App contain:

Paleo diet plan

1. Paleo ! what does it mean ?!
2. What is paleo diet ?!
3. Plaeo diet benefits
4. Paleo diet recipes - Breakfast
5. Paleo diet recipes - Lunch
6. Paleo diet recipes - Dinner
7. Paleo diet recipes - Snacks
8. Paleo diet recipes - Dessert

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