Paleo Keyboard APK

*** UPDATE *** This keyboard and font works with the latest update "Android 7

DeveloperElazar Yisrael
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*** UPDATE *** This keyboard and font works with the latest update "Android 7.0 Nougat" and later, which includes Unicode 9.0, any previous Android versions will need to be rooted. Android 7.0 Nougat is currently out on several Android devices and is coming soon to majority Android devices very soon.

More Information on Android 7.0 Nougat: https://www.android.com/versions/nougat-7-0/

Paleo-Phoenician Hebrew was one of the oldest writings in biblical days. Learning the ancient Hebrew, and typing in the ancient Hebrew will bring you back to the times of Moses and the Israelites of that time.

Our desire is to bring back the ancient language for those that want to read Ancient Stones, Dead Sea Scrolls or ancient parchment will have the ability to do so.

Also if your desire is to be able to teach and write in the ancient Hebrew, this tool will be a great asset for you. I hope this can be a learning tool for all that are wanting to learn the ancient language.

More information on the Paleo-Phoenician Alephbet/Numerals: http://phoenicia.org/alphabet.html#ixzz4Q8Uhv3qY

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