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Sep 21, 2023
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*** Not a bank, Papara ***

Send money 24/7 for free, pay your bills, manage your budget.
Earn cash instantly while spending all over the world and on the internet without borrowing with the free Papara Card.

What can you do with your free Papara account that you can open in seconds?

*** Lightning fast, free money transfer ***

- It's 9 pm and you want to send money to your friend who has an account in another bank. Choose from your directory and send. It's free, too.

*** We made the EFT system 24/7 ***

- You can deposit money to your Papara account by transferring from 15 different banks or from ATMs, PTT and Teknosa branches.

- You can transfer your money in your Papara account to your desired bank account 24/7 free of charge.

*** With Papara Card, you never get into debt, you spend the money in your account ***

- With the free Papara Card, you can easily track your expenses and manage your budget.

- Moreover, you earn instant cash with the Cashback program while you spend.

*** Cashback program ***

- Meet the Papara Cashback program, where you don't have to follow the conditions and dates, and which gives you instant cash instead of points from your spending.

- You can browse the Cashback area in the app for all brands and rates.

*** Bills, games and other payments ***

- You can pay your bills easily and free of charge with Papara.

- You can follow up with graphs how much you have paid your bills month by month.

- What was your water bill 6 months ago? If you pay with PayPal, you can easily track it.

*** QR transactions ***

- It is enough to create a QR code to easily receive payments from other Papara users to your Papara account.

- You can create one for each transaction or use a fixed QR code.

- Soon, commercial accounts will be able to receive payments by credit card.

*** All money is safe ***

- Papara, its activities in T.C. It continues under the control and supervision of the Central Bank.

- Account balances T.C. Accounts opened with the Central Bank are protected against 100% cash.

- Papara cannot obtain and benefit from interest income from user balances by law.


Join millions of Papara members to do all these and more without going to the branch or sharing your mother's maiden name.


For help requests and questions

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