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Latest Version

NamePaperSoft Mobile Capture APK
Version1.4.0 (64)
UpdatedAug 02, 2020
DeveloperPapersoft - Banking & Agent Networks Solutions
CategoryApps, Productivity

Papersoft Mobile Capture app

Tools to help Users in Processes for Agency Banking & Agent Networks.

📲 Download the app now and start using today the FREE tools available in the demo version. ✅

In the demo version you have free access to 2 features:

📋 Agent Onboarding - Register and onboard all agents/merchants on your network.
📊 Agent Quality Control - Check the behavior and the quality performance of all agents/merchants.

⚠️ Access to the Complete Version:
In order to use all features and tools in the app, you need to be an authorized Papersoft client and have an active username and password. After the evaluation of your desired needs, Papersoft or one of Papersoft´s partners will be able to provide you valid credentials. Please, send your business process requirements to

💡 Why Papersoft Mobile Capture?

In the current digital world, paper based processes still poses obstacles on basic services access to all population in Africa.
But with the right digital tools this can be solved.

Our app was specifically designed to help companies on the distribution of last-mile services.

By using digital tools in our app, companies and organizations are able to reach all communities, near or far, and offer their services through a mobile channel. Many companies opt to implement an Agent Networks strategy to operate this distribution model, so we added Agent Management tools to the app.

🔵 The Mobile Capture Platform

This app is part of an end-to-end platform for Agency Baking & Agent Network.
Mobile Capture is made of 3 independent solutions:

Onboarding & KYC Biometrics 👋
• Customer Authentication
• ID Verification with Biometrics
• Liveness Detection
• e-Forms for services subscription
• Fraud Prevention

Agent Management System 🕹️
• Agent registration and onboarding (FREE on demo version)
• Task assignement
• GPS location of Agents
• Analytics & operation KPIs
• Agent quality control (FREE on demo version)

Financial Services Marketplace 💳
• Banking operations
• Mobile Money operations
• Utility payments
• State and Public services
• Integration with eWallets

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