Car game for girls! Cute pink vehicles. Drive like a queen park like a princess!


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Parking Princess: Girl Driving GAME

Girls, are you ready for fun? Cuteness overload! This game is dedicated for you! Girl Driving & Parking free game is designed to fit ladies! Choose your cute car - pink, yellow or any color you want! Be a pro - fashion driver! Enjoy stunning colorful 3d graphics! Parking a car is a problem for you? Got rejected from driving school? No more driving lessons needed. You can practice vehicle parking without an instructor and with no consequences at all! This parking simulator game only for girls will bring you lots of fun. It’s free, works without internet (wifi, LTE). Grab the fluffy steering wheel, step on heart-shaped pedals and park the pink car! There are plenty of different missions. Go to shopping mall and find a parking spot, visit the beautician, manicurist or hairdresser, pop into a nail salon, say hello to your kitty, go to the puppy shop and buy a pet. Don’t scratch your shiny polished car! Don’t get stuck in a traffic jam, park in a garage, race and pursue other girls! We know how games for girls should look like! This driving/parking simulator is a unique merge of racing on tracks and parking game. You can choose different vehicles (supercute sport car, sedan, luxury/limousine, Muscle Car or SUV). Be a queen of auto & motorsport race! Put your awareness and dexterity to the test! Fast run, precision parking, jumps and stunts - all the joy is here! Be on the top of the rank of leaderboards and push the limits! Rally games are the ones you like the most? Need some speed? Ride on the edge with no limits, race your rivals and be the most wanted driver in the town. Shift as a pro, use nitro to win The Run! Great game for family and friends! Fun to play, don’t need to be a make-up superstar or a sweet baby girl to win the race! Become the pink princess in the car - change your carriage to a luxury limousine! Be a successful business woman and drive your expensive SUV! Train your parking skills! With easy controls and stunning graphics you’ll get an exciting gaming experience. Feel like a real driver. This car simulator will give you the exact same experience as real driving! Time to be a real woman! Drive through Hollywood, like a movie star! Leave these “dogs, puppies and princess” games and park the car in a designated spot! No unicorn to ride, no dolphin to train, no baby panda to adopt. Just you and awesome cars! Super cool missions - go to a shop for your wedding dress, get a new skirt from your tailor, dress up like a pro driver and race other women! Ride to your high school or college and make other girls jealous! Make your ex-boyfriend feel like a jerk, when you pass by with your brand new sport car! No time for playing with dolls! Real girls know what to do! Turn on the engine and step on it! No zombies, no silly pet games! Something for real girls! You can also swipe left and right looking for your prince charming while driving - it's completely legal here!

Designed for mobile devices. Use a steering wheel and pedals (automatic gearbox), a slider and pedals or a gyro. Choose whichever you prefer! Move a steering wheel to the sides to turn or use gyro (it’s easy! You can polish your nails while driving!)
Press the right pedal to accelerate (you can do it even in your high heels!)
Press the left pedal to stop (don’t stop too hard or you’ll ruin your hairstyle!)
Keep pressing the left pedal to reverse (you’ll look awesome!)

Mind the traffic
Get on time to the parking spot
Collect achievements
Rock the leaderboards
Use nitro to accelerate
Use surroundings to jump
Avoid oil and tar
Use tuning parts to upgrade your car

Choice of vehicles:, Muscle Car or Sports Car

Stunning 3d graphics, realistic vehicles, New York / Brooklyn maps.
Coming soon:
Multiplayer mode
AI Traffic
Police chases
Time Attack mode
Traffic Race with AI or Multiplayer
Super Cute cars!
Car Game For Girls!
Drive like a queen, park like a princess!
car game for girls
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