Control the flow of sand-like particles!

A basic physics sandbox type game that allows you to control various particles to interact with other particles. Based on well known Flash sand games like "Falling Sand". Simply select a particle type and drag your finger!

Features 29 different particles, and 6 tools.

Press the menu button to show and hide the game menu.

Tools (From right to left):
• Pen Type - Change the pen type to either "Pen" or "Fill" tools.
• Pen Size - Adjust the size of the particle placement.
• Spray Can - Adjusts how many particles are placed when dragging your finger.
• Fountain - When turned on, any particle placed will continuously drop that particle type.
• Clear - Clears the entire sandbox to Air particles.
• Border - Toggles solid border on and off.

Menu Options:
• Particle Panel - Select the particle to drop.
• Play/Pause - Toggles particle logic on or off.
• Tool Panel - Open the tool panel.
• Exit - Quit to the menu.
• Save - Opens the save panel.
• Help - Displays tooltips for each icon.

• This is not meant to be an accurate representation of physics. All particles more or less behave like sand particles, even liquids and gases.

Hopefully it works on most devices. I will continue to improve and add new features and particles, if you have any ideas or criticisms please feel free to leave them in a review!
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What's New

• Two new particles.
• Two new tools, line and rectangle.
• Updated background color chooser.
• Bug fixes.
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Latest Version

Version3.3.1 (13)
Updated2018-09-07 (1 year ago)
Installs 100,000+

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