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PAS (Process Accelerate System) accelerates the organizational processes by implementing mobile technologies and connecting between employees, managers and the work processes, thus creating an executive perspective which builds continual improvement within organizational performance.
Our Mission is to provide managers a foundation that creates an effective & efficient interpretation based on real time & predictive field data, mitigate risks that bridge distance and time differences, therefore creating an overall managerial view needed to resolve issues in real-time.

Data collection - Through the end-user application, data is collected and sent to the manager’s workstation. Data collection is done in accordance with the work plans - anytime, anywhere.

Activity management tools - The data collection launches operational activities through the use of text messages (SMS) , task follow up and dedicated reports.

Indication of activities and events - PAS retrieves and present information which is relevant to the tasks at hand (indications of malfunctions and previous deficiencies) and enables status updates and definition of further actions.

Real-time information presentation - The information collected is presented to managers in real time thus enabling identification of trends and the provision of pre-emptive solutions for events and malfunctions.

Event-based reports - PAS includes a vast set of definitions enabling the manager to place emphasis on issues impacting resource availability and production continuity.

Tracking and control - PAS enables tracking and controlling over work plan and tasks execution, while identifying bottlenecks and gaps in the execution.

Information analysis - Definition of cross organization indicators, allows performance comparison and continual organizational improvement.

Identification of opportunities - for performance leveraging Corrective actions and performance indicators allow identification of recurring events, which constitute opportunities for organizational improvement.

Cross-organizational knowledge sharing - Creation of an organizational database, enabling analysis and presentation of data common to or with the highest influence on multiple units or stakeholders.

What's New

Improved stability and bug fixes

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