Easily use authentication services at once in 'PASS My Wallet'.


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Aug 31, 2023
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[Service Introduction]
- Authenticate quickly and easily with the complex authentication ‘PASS App’.

[Service target]
- KT Mobile/KT MVNO (affordable phone) customers
※ Any mobile customer aged 14 or older can use it conveniently.
※ Foreigners who can verify their mobile phone identity and corporate customers who have subscribed to the identity verification service in their corporate name can also use it.
(However, cell phones under the age of 19 and corporate names cannot use mobile phone micropayments)

[main function]
-Simple identification: Authenticate your phone safely without worrying about smishing with a 6-digit PIN registered in PASS, your fingerprint, etc.
- Mobile phone payment: You can use mobile phone payment history inquiry and barcode payment.
- Driver's license mobile verification service: Driver's license is in my mobile phone, you can register the actual driver's license information in PASS.
-Resident registration card mobile confirmation service: You can check the information contained in your resident registration card in PASS without a real resident registration card.
- PASS Certificate: A certificate that has obtained the digital signature certification business right, and can be used more safely and more conveniently.

- Available from Android OS 6.0 or later, fingerprint authentication may not be supported depending on the phone model.
- The service is not supported on pads/smartphone auxiliary devices/WiFi Only terminals.
- When installing and running the app in a 3G/LTE environment, data call charges may be deducted or charged depending on the plan.
- When using overseas, data roaming charges may apply if it is not in a WiFi environment.

※ If you have any other questions or suggestions, please use the 'Send Email to Developer' section of Additional Information to provide a quick and accurate answer.

[Access rights of PASS and reasons for need]
1. Required access rights
#Phone Permission: Required for user authentication through mobile phone information, collection/transmission of app usage statistics, and obtaining mobile phone status information required for phone connection to customer center.
#Storage space permission: Required for app usage statistics when storing certificate signature files and managing information.
2. Optional access rights
#Bio Information: Used for fingerprint authentication.
#Camera: Used for QR code authentication and driver's license registration, ID verification, e-document profile setting, and pet care patellar dislocation inspection.
#Location information: Used to confirm the location of the device when sending a driver's license confirmation card.

*PASS can be changed in the mobile phone's settings application management PASS app permissions menu.
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